This photograph was taken by pointing the iPhone’s lens directly at the sun. The tree cover somewhat masks the sunlight. However, the iPhone’s algorithms virtually eliminate the sun flaring and distortion that directly photographing the sun usually produces.

Numerous Adobe Lightroom edits were applied to this image. However, the image quality produced by Adobe Lightroom profiles was not as good as the image quality achieved with the Adobe Lightroom default Apple ProRaw profile used for this image.

Hughes Drive

This iPhone 12 landscape was made using the ultra-wide f/1.6 aperture of the 5.1mm lens wielding a 1/4000 sec shutter speed. The timing of 2:18pm in bright sunlight was deliberate. The timeframe chosen falls outside the photographer’s highly desirable “Golden hour”.

Evidently iPhone 12’s photograph processing algorithms greatly mitigate the effects of the harsh sunlight typically associated with this type of exposure.