Bella Luna Restauarant – Jamaica Plain, MA (Covid-19 RIP 2020)

Bella Luna Restauarant - Jamaica Plain, MA

After a long night of getting crushed in 5 min blitz chess by my dear friend IM Joe Fang, we decided to get something to eat. On a whim we randomly stopped at Bella Luna in JP. Bella Luna is where I experienced white pizza for the first time. However, not just white pizza, but unfathomably sublime white pizza.

On one of the many return trips to feast on unfathomably sublime white pizza, hear slam poetry in the under ground bowling alley (yes they had a functional underground candlepin bowling alley), and peruse the Bella Luna art gallery of local artist oil on canvas paintings, I finally discovered their parking lot and noticed the “Bella Luna Milky Way” wall mural.

American cuisine

American cuisine

The rich colors are what first attracted me to this street scene. Then as clientele entered the american cuisine theme emerged… Nikon D500, Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8, 38mm, 1/200 sec, aperture f/17, iso 2000.