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A Nikkor Al-S 600mm F4 ED IF manual focus Lens with a TC-300 2x teleconverter mounted on a Nikon D500 was used to capture this goldfinch. An f/22 aperture, and 1/800 shutter speed pushed auto iso up to 12800 so some noise reduction was required in post.

Even with this heavy vintage lens mounted on a Gitzo/Wimberly combo rated for a load of over 88Lbs, a remote MC-30A remote shutter release and quiet shutter mode was employed to avoid camera shake. Camera shake is a product of the native 12x magnification of the lens being amplified by the 2x teleconverter. Vibration reduction for the Nikkor 600mm was not introduced until 2015. This lens was discontinued in 1986.

The f/22 aperture was used to facilitate zone focusing.