Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell, 1960 M.C. Escher
Columbia Museum Of Art

1960 M.C. Escher

Most of my outings typically boil down to one lens from my bag of lenses. But this time I wanted to leave my safety blanket at home and travel light. So what is the quintessential lens to take to a museum where flash is not allowed?

Obviously a fast lens, therefore tempting was my Mitakon Zhongyi Speedmaster 85mm f/1.2, but it may lack for wide angles, and not having used it extensively I would want a back up for this finicky lens that has to be used without light metering. Next up was the Voitlander 58mm f/1.4, that I recently used on a client’s birthday session where the client was so pleased that she purchased all the photographs.

Both the 58mm and the 50mm are considered “normal” lenses for the 43.266mm diagonal sensor on a 35mm camera. However, I decided on my Zeiss “nifty 50” f/1.4 for this trip because it is slightly wider than the Voitlander.

I have been a fan of M.C. Escher for many years and could not pass up an opportunity to see his actual works. M.C. Escher’s works are currently on exhibit at the Columbia Fine Art Museum in Columbia South Carolina for the next three months.