Lantern was taken in low light on my iPhone 12 Pro Max using Apple ProRaw which is only available on iPhone 12 Pro phones with the latest iOS 14.3 update.

The remarkable aspect of this photograph is Apple’s Sensor Shift Stabilization coupled with Apple’s AI-powered computational photography used ISO 125 to render a handheld iPhone photograph where my camera would have required a tripod due to the very low shutter speed required to capture enough light at ISO 125.

Raw files have been available on smartphones for some time. However jpeg files produced by smartphones were so superior to edited smartphone raw files that raw file editing stayed firmly in the high resolution digital camera realm.

Apple’s AI-powered computational photography outputs a relatively low resolution 12 mega pixel image that has been optimized by Apple’s algorithms, and unlike jpeg files Apple ProRaw files are completely editable by Adobe Lightroom as a raw files.

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